Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Crazy Wandering

This past year I have been on a crazy journey to rediscover myself.... To find me in this crazy world. I didn't mean to disappear from the blog but I couldn't seem to find the ability to paint for others.

 I did however manage to learn to paint for me again. I am so glad that I did!

For Tossie's 3rd birthday... Bee and Bud asked to decorate the cake, I really enjoyed how much fun they had remembering their sister.

(photo dated 9.10.15)

I have been enjoying my journey... I haven't always thought that at the time... but looking back I have seen how I have grown and look forward to see how I will continue to grow...


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Sacred Project Film

Watch the video before reading the rest of this post!

My mind is in a million different places at this moment....
The past few months have been crazy...

But this I had to share! 
The Sacred Project Film

I did a photo for this project
Which actually felt painful... because I have hated the way my stomach has been so not perfect.

I did a henna design. Took the photo of only my stomach...
and held onto the photo til the day before deadline...
The image was still on my skin...
So I submitted via email...
I was so surprised to get an email back saying that they had chosen my photo as one of the 497!

At the bottom of this post I will tell you where you can find my photo in the video...

I am honored that it was chosen,
I cried watching the video...
The part that broke me was the part where the women speaking said...

"It can be difficult for a mother,
to silence the voice in her head,
that says
Your Body Failed
You Failed
In times of doubt
try to remember
the truth is
That you are the Sacred Space
Your child's first home
You are where her heart (his heart, their hearts)
First began to beat
I am, You are
A Sacred Space"

This journey of motherhood isn't easy
but it is a precious one

The paths we choose in the journey of motherhood are not to be chosen lightly.
This past year I have been battling the feeling of failure.
That I have failed not just Tossie. But Bee and Bud as well.

It is hard to remember that we are Sacred
It is hard to believe that we are Sacred

We are Sacred!

Our children are Sacred!

We should live our lives as such, and nothing less.

My photo is the second one after the start of the letter C in Sacred at the time of 3:41

Stephanie and Pia with the help of some amazing artists created a mandala necklace for this project... It is my hopes to purchase the Sacred Mandala necklace soon in honor of the New Year.
2014's word was Explore
2015's word will be Sacred